Instagram # Photo Contests Super Charge Your Social Media and Engage Current Residents

Creatively engaging residents, guests and even local businesses in a positive manner with this innovative module is made simple with potential benefits that will surprise. This gives you the power to control or increase your exposure to your desired setting and (better yet) be a bigger part of the community connecting residents with local businesses.

Let’s face it, social media has become an integral part of modern business and using any positive, creative tools to your advantage never hurts. Depending on the exposure or location of your property, this can be a professional yet very friendly and quick way to get local businesses involved for prizes, #topicideas and of course their exposure…the ROI potential here is another story.

Using a unique # with the Instagram-friendly Module it’s quick and easy to enter contest length, rules and optional prizes. Pictures posted on Instagram with your unique # are automatically entered into the contest and showcased on your Instagram Module page, arranged in order for viewing. This can also be embedded on your website for maximum exposure.

The partners at Kiosk Condo have been in the industry for quite some time, paying close attention while watching the importance of social media grow. The Instagram contest module is a timely and appropriate sample of the limitless possibilities available to you.

  • Uses Instagram #
  • Change # at Any Time
  • Contest Countdown Clock
  • Fun For Events
  • Touch & Swipe Gallery

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