Modules Are The Building Blocks That Enable Cost-Effective Development of Robust Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks for Apartments and Condos

How Do Modules Work?

1. Clients select the modules that best fit their needs

2. Modules are customized with the client’s design and content

3. The modules are integrated into a touch Kiosk application

4. Clients can manage content as needed

Kiosk Condo offers a variety of modules available that can be seamlessly integrated for your kiosk application. Clients can start with few basic modules based on needs and budget and then add more modules at any time.


Their are many options for the design of your kiosk.
1. Kiosk Condo can design all graphics, fonts and colors based on existing corporate identity.
2. Client can create all graphics, fonts and colors.
3. Kiosk Condo and client can collaborate on the design and graphics together

Content Management

All modules feature easy-to-use content management system, allowing clients to update/add content and images any time.

(Optionally Kiosk Condo can manage all content for the client.)
  • Design Kiosk to Your Needs
  • Add Modules in The Future
  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Content Management
  • Many Modules to Choose

We look forward to working with you to create a truly unique and engaging experience for your property.

– Ray Thorsky
Founder, Kiosk Condo

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